About Us

Founded in 1994 by Sharon Valverde, Thunder Threads has grown organically based upon one simple value: "customer service”. Focused on listening to your customer's expectations, Sharon led Thunder Threads from a small hometown company to shipping fasteners all throughout the world.

Due to the Gulf Coast's heavy presence in the oil & gas / petrochemical / power generation industries, Thunder Threads began stocking the hard-to-find alloys that are required in highly corrosive applications. Bolts, Nuts, and Screws made of Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Alloy 20, and many stainless fastener grades become urgent by valve manufacturers.
Since word travels fast, it didn't take long for valve manufacturers, PVF distributors, and industrial contractors to discover that within one phone call, they would be able to get practically any type of fastener they wanted. Regardless if the fastener is a nut, bolt, screw, stud, washer, or custom special part, Thunder Threads is equipped to provide our customers with any type of fastener imaginable.

In addition to being able to provide our customers with the fasteners that they want, Thunder Threads prides itself by delivering upon our customer's expectations. During our past three ISO 9001 management reviews, 99.987% of our shipments were accurate and on time. We understand that when dealing with critical deadlines, being on time and accurate is crucial. For example, when given immediate deadlines to ship wind turbine fasteners, such as M30 ISO 4014 tower hex bolts class 10.9, Thunder Threads pulls through. On time, every-time…

We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Contact Thunder Threads today via email or by phone and discover how we can save you time and money.



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