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ASTM A193 B8

Grade B8 studs have a carbon content between 0.37-0.49%, Manganese 0.-65-1.10, Phosphorous .035 max, and Sulfur 0.040 max.  A-193 B8 studs represent a type of austentic steel (class 1) which is an economical solution for many applications that require corrosion resistant fasteners at a lower cost.  As a domestic stainless steel fastener manufacturer, Thunder Threads provides B8 studs and B8 hex bolts to projects all across the globe. 

Being slightly weeker than B8M fasteners, B8 fasteners have a tensile strength of a minimum of 75ksi, an elongation of a minimum of 30% elongation and a minimum of 50% reduction of area.  B8 studs and other ASTM B8 fasteners have maximum hardness of Rockwell B96 according to the mechanical requirements in the ASTM A193 specification. 

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