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ASTM A193 B8 class 2 / strain hardened

ASTM A 193 B8 class 2 studs have been strain hardened, which many also know as work hardening or case hardening.  Case hardened fasteners have a hardness on the surface that is harder than at the fasteners core.  The maximum rockwell hardness for B8 class 2 fasteners is C35, which is considerably higher than a B8 studs (Rockwell B96).  In addition, the tensile strength for B8 class 2 is 125ksi-100ksi (depending on the diameter).  This is considerably stronger than the tensile strength of the B8 class 1 studs of 75ksi min.  Although the B8 class 2 studs are more expensive than their class 1 "cousins", this material offers great corrosion resistance and outstanding strength without the extra cost that are associated with the high nickel alloys such as hastelloy, duplex, and monel fasteners.  


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