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B8M stud bolt
ASTM A193 B8M studs, B8M stud bolts, B8M heavy hex bolts, and other B8M fasteners are commonly used in marine and other heavy industrial environments that require corrosion resistant fasteners to be used.  It is offten incorrectly thought that  B8 studs and fasteners (304 stainless) are mechanically weeker than B8M studs and fasteners (316 stainless steel).  The IFI abstract of ASTM A193 indicates that the mechanical requirements of B8 studs and B8 hex bolts are actually the same as B8M studs, B8m hex bolts, and other B8M fasteners.  If one is seeking stainless steel fasteners with a higher tensile strength and hardness, it is suggested to evaluate the class 2 stainless steel (strain hardened) alloys for their suitability to your application. 


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