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ASTM A193 B8M class 2 / strain hardened

B8M2 fasteners, also known as B8M class 2 fasteners, come in a wide variety of products.  These can include B8M2 studs, B8M class 2 studs, B8M2 bolts, and B8M class 2 heavy hex bolts. 
The IFI abstract of ASTM A193 to describe B8M2 fasteners to be made from an Austenitic steel, and to have near identical chemical requirements as B8MA fasteners, and B8M3 fasteners.  This 18 % chromium, 10%nickel, 2% molybdenum alloy is nearly identical to the AISI type 316 stainless steel. 

Additional stainless steel grades such as B8C class 2 fasteners, B8P class 2 fasteners, B8P class 2 fasteners, B8T class 2 fasteners, and B8N class 2 fastener offer higher tensile strengths than grade B8M2 fasteners and grade B8M3 fasteners. 

All of the class 2 grades under the ASTM A-193 specification have a maximum hardness of C35 rockwell / Brinell 321.  B8M2 fasteners, which include B8M2 studs and B8M2 bolts offer an outstanding corrosion resistance, increased hardness and tensile strength while keeping the cost from approaching the extremes of high nickel alloy fasteners such as alloy-20 and hastelloy fasteners. 


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