Fasteners & Products
Although many of our customers know us for our niche in alloy and metric fasteners, we have the everyday items too.
Carbon Steel fasteners are readily available in Grade 2, Grade 5, and grade 8.
Thunder Threads also sells a large variety of anchor bolts and hot dip galvanized foundation bolts.
A more comprehensive list of our products can be found below, however our core products include:
  • Hex cap screws / hex bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Socket head cap screws
  • All thread rod and stud bolts

Anchor Bolts Thunder Threads™ is capable of supplying a wide variety of custom and standard anchor bolts.  This includes stainless steel anchor bolts as well as plain and hot dip galvanized anchor bolts.  Such bolts are commonly used as foundation bolts. 
Eye Bolts Thunder Threads™ is capable of providing many types of eyebolts.  This includes stainless steel eye bolts and metric eye bolts in practically any desirable size.  We welcome custom eye bolt inquries. 
Hanger Bolts and Solar Panel Fasteners Thunder Threads™ stocks all of the popular solar industry fasteners including stainless steel hanger bolts and stainless steel hanger screws. 
Thunder Threads™ stocks a wide variety of stainless steel j-bolts.  This includes 304 stainless j-bolts and also 316 stainless j-bolts.  If  your task calls for custom stainless j-bolts, this is no problem.  Contact us today, and allow our team of experts meet your stainless fastener needs.
Marine / Stainless Deck Screws Regardless if the product your project calls for a #6 or a 1/2" diameter screw, contact Thunder Threads™.  We stock an immense inventory of 18-8 stainless, 304 stainless, and 316 stainless deck screws in a wide variety of drives (such as U-drive, phillips, and torx).

Stainless deck screws are commonly used in deck and dock projects.  Thus the reason why deck screws are commonly listed as a marine grade 316-stainless deck screws
Metric and Wind Turbine Fasteners Thunder Threads™ does a large amount of business in the wind turbine industry.  Such wind turbine fasteners that we commonly handle include tower bolts, nacelle fasteners, blade bolts, and many different types of metric fasteners including stainless steel metric bolts. 
Large Diameter Fasteners

Lightning Bolt & Supply is your one-stop source for large diameter standard and metric fasteners. Regardless of the material, plating, or testing requirements; we can make it happen! Our fastener experts will exceed your projects needs. Our capabilities run up to 6” in Diameter and 150mm.

Mill Order / High Volume FastenersThunder Threads caters to the high volume usage that is required by large OEM's.  This has given us advantages on metric fasteners, grade 8 fasteners, and also carriage bolts and mat bolts / timber bolts.  
Plastic Injection Mold (design and manufacturing) Once only known for specialty bolts and custom fasteners, Thunder Threads is pleased to announce our newest service of designing and manufacturing high quality plastic injection molds at the best possible quality price on the market.


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