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Metric Eye Bolts

metric eye bolts din 590Metric eye bolts may be hard to find in the United States, but since we cater to many wind turbine OEMs, we stock a wide variety of wind turbine fasteners, including metric eye bolts and eye nuts. 

Din 580 lifting eye bolts and DIN 582 lifting eye nuts are the most common items that we handle.  We sell these items plain finish, tZn coating, hot dip galvanized, and also in custom materials.  If your task calls for custom metric eye bolts, please let us know.  Thunder Threads have many customers that require our expertise in producing custom metric eye bolts.  Wind turbine, nacelle hardware, pumps, valves, and many other industrial equipment requires lifting eye bolts in such sizes.  Contact us today to trust Thunder Threads™ for all of your metric eye bolt requirements. 


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